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Reference in the sector

Banco ABC has been operating in Brazil since 1989 and has always been linked to corporate financial operations, where it became a reference within the sector, a position that it maintains to this day. The services, however, are not limited to companies and, recently, the company started to offer ABC Personal, a service line for personal investments.

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Customer focus

A well-known brand of Banco ABC is the treatment given to customers, which is carried out in a close, uncomplicated and free from bureaucracy manner. When the company decided to migrate its processes to Salesforce solutions, this was raised as an aspect to be preserved and improved.


ABC Bank Management

Other important factors in the case of Banco ABC were the need to improve lead management, from the moment of prospecting to the point of conversion, as well as the optimization of marketing campaigns, improvement in the engagement of internal and external communities and closer monitoring of customers.


Since November 2021, when all implementation of Salesforce methods began, the results achieved have been significant.


Drop from 7 days to 10 seconds in operational time for requests from a lead.


More than 60 thousand leads analyzed automatically.


Automation, centralization and visibility of customer service.


30% increase in the customer base.


Generation of 800 qualified leads per month.

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